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About Me

An intro to Kelly

If someone were to ask me what is something I could talk passionately about, I would be able to confidently respond with three topics:  Disney, dogs and cake pops.  Poll anyone that really knows me and they would probably guess all three of them in under 30 seconds.  I feel very blessed to have found a way to incorporate all three of those passions into my life.  Making trips to Disney or planning vacations for people.  Loving and spending time with my two dogs, Maezy and Pippa.  And expanding my business to more than just cake pops...these are the things that bring me the most joy.  I'm a Richmond, VA native but did spend some childhood years growing up just outside of Atlanta.  I made a 4-year pit stop in Charleston, SC for college and then found my way home to Richmond.  I work full-time at a financial planning firm and then spend a large amount of my free-time playing soccer, planning out cake pop menus or hanging out with my friends and family.

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